Thursday, February 16, 2017

Four Years Later, It Is Finished

Quick Recap

That time flew by. Didn't blog a thing. Just two perspectives to wrap up. 

The Guardian, on January 5, 2017, "Obama's second term: a president faces the limits of his power. Partisan gridlock and tragedy at Sandy Hook cast a pall on an array of diffuse victories, underscoring Obama’s calm under pressure – and his humanity" focused on the toll the Presidency takes on all modern presidents, Obama no exception.

The Huffington Post, on January 11, 2017 "Yes, He Did: Why Obama Is the Most Consequential Second-Term President Since FDR" took a detailed and favorable look back over Obama's eight years in Office.

“Candidate Barack Obama caused a stir when he singled out Ronald Reagan in 2008 as a transformational president who “changed the trajectory of America”... It is Obama, though, that now stands as the most consequential second-term president since the Second World War…

Obama’s policies and actions since his second inauguration have reshaped or initiated new developments of enormous consequence for the U.S. domestic and foreign policy… The international agreement in Paris is not legally binding, but it creates global expectations that will target global scrutiny on countries that fail to comply. Much remains uncertain, but these and other changes in policy are meshing with new expectations among businesses and consumers that are likely to persist and evolve...

Tabulating Obama’s impacts does not mean that he achieved all that he set out to accomplish. Far from it. He failed to “contain” the self-proclaimed Islamic State, close Guantanamo and coax a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis. He made starts on immigration and helping America transition toward its future as a multi-racial country, but the results are uneven.
Even where Obama’s impact is clear, debates will rage for years on the merits — whether his second term advanced or set back America. The verdict is likely to offer a mix and change with time.
What is clear already is that Obama has transformed the policy landscape.”

The 'so called' Era of Trump Begins

You didn't expect it. I didn't expect it. No one, especially Donald Trump, expected to wake up the day after the election to a new 'era'. First point, Herr Drumpf is cra cra. See my new blog: Second point, the Trump Resistance is growing by the minute. He is already coming undone. I'm writing this as Trump was delivering a rambling, delusional, self pitying Press Conference. CNN is now going straight to: "Maybe he cra cra?" Hopefully, when you read this, he hasn't already been removed from office. After a nice vacation and rest, Obama is purported to be ready to help the Nation take on Herr Drumpf. In an on-line post: "Obama Rolls Up Sleeves To Take Trump Down… He Is Rallying The Troops"

Just weeks after leaving the White House, Barack Obama is already orchestrating a plan to take Donald Trump down. According to reports from Infowars, Obama is leading an army of 30,000 protesters from his “command center” in his new home in Washington D.C.—just two miles away from the White House. Insiders have revealed that Obama is likely creating a “shadow government” to protect his legacy. The nationwide network of protesters is known as “Organizing for Action” and identifies itself as a movement that “grew out of Obama’s first presidential campaign.” It claims to have 250 local chapters throughout the country.

That's a Wrap

So this is it for my Obama blog, I attracted two followers and tens of page views. Take care and God help us all. Peace out...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A New Day

It is a new day. Obama now gets it that he has to fix this broken culture and dying Nation. The Fiscal Cliff is just the start. The slaughter of twenty innocent children and six of their teachers in Newtown has even the NRA coming to terms with reality. The Tea Party lunatics, the Right Wing Republican morons, and now even the pro-gun nuts are on the run. This is our time, and we well take it. The Rich will be taxed, the Corporations and guns will be regulated, the environment will be protected; we are going to fix this. It still won't be easy to be poor, put it will suck less. It still will be difficult to stay in the Middle Class, but it will be possible. This is all going to get fixed, and we all will at least have a chance at survival. We came close in the late 1960s and now we have a second chance to change the world for the better.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Just In: Powerful Old White Men Have Sex With Attractive Young Women

Like me, you may have thought that Obama’s election victory would have led to at least a couple weeks of mass media coverage of the Filthy Rich and greedy Corporations’ attempt to buy the election for their proxies, The Handmaidens of the Privileged Few. The media actually did spend a few days talking about it. But wait! It turns out that powerful old white men, even generals (!), have sex with readily available young women! The horror… a sex “scandal”! Thank God, now we have something to once again distract this Idiot Nation. And what about Hurricane Sandy? Where is Obama? It has been two weeks since the “thousand year” storm devastated the North East and yet still, the power has not been totally restored and the Jersey Shore completely rebuilt!

On CNN this morning, Georgia Republican Representative Tom Price finally asks the question (concerning Petraeus et. al.) on everyone’s mind—what did the President know, and when did he know it? Why the cover up? Why? He can ask that question without irony or risk, because only about five hundred rabid liberal Democrats over 60 years old remember Republican President Richard M. Nixon and the Watergate Scandal of the 1970s. So that you don’t have to Google it: during the 1972 presidential race between Nixon and George McGovern, Nixon set up a secret illegal team “The Plumbers” (they were stopping administration leaks, get it?). They were directed to break into the Democratic Election Committee’s offices in the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC. They got caught. Nixon tried to cover it up with hush money and a CIA cover story.

The break-in was ignored by the entire News Media establishment for over a year, except for the two Metro Desk reporters (Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein) who caught the original break-in story and would not let go of it until they, with the support of their newspaper, The Washington Post, and its owner, Katharine Graham, brought Nixon down. (See also Deep Throat, their source, later revealed to be then Federal Bureau of Investigation Associate Director Mark Felt.) Google it all if you want to reclaim a knowledge of recent American history.

My point is that when an evil Republican President actually f#cked Lady Liberty and The Constitution up the ass only 40 years ago, the mass media ignored it for a year, until a major newspaper forced them and the US Congress to act. But now, a “liberal” media, obsessed with ratings, when presented with an opportunity to take on the Filthy Rich and Corporations with Obama’s election despite the billions they spent trying to defeat him, does nothing but jump to the next meaningless sensation.

No, we won’t be having that inquiry or discussion. Anderson Cooper will stay on the Hurricane Sandy story until every light is back on and every inch of beach restored and destroyed home rebuilt. In his defense, Anderson covered Katrina when the rest of the media ignored it, and has stayed on the story to this day, since New Orleans is still not restored. [Just Google it too, I know you don’t remember George W. Bush’s Katrina fiasco, it was a long time ago (2005)! By the way, New Orleans is a city on the Gulf that BP devastated with a big old well blow out in 2010, just two year ago, ancient history.]

One last thing, Speaker “Boner” idiot, before you start talking about impeaching Obama, talk to former Speaker Newt Gingrich about his attempt to take down President William Jefferson Clinton with a ridiculous “Sex Scandal”.

Personal note to the morons who found this page Googling “Sex”: This is a blog about politics. I know, yuck, b-o-r-i-n-g. If you want to learn something about the history of the Nation you live in, Google a name or phrase or two and follow the links. It means you do have to read, not just look at pictures or a very short 45 second video clip. If you cannot or don’t like to read, find someone who can and does and have them read the information to you and explain it to you, OK? Oh, sorry, I mean “K” since you lazy idiots can’t take the time to hit two keys when sexting or texting your 100 closest personal “friends” with or without “benefits”.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

We Won, They Lost: My New Modest Proposal

Billions of dollars spent by the Filthy Rich and Corporations to buy the National Presidential Election; a gutless corporate-dominated media, reported by rich media personalities, doing everything they could to make the Election as close as possible and divide America—pretending this was a contest between patriots with an honest difference of opinion, all reasonable people, and not the life or death struggle it was, between the forces of Good and Evil; all of it for naught. Obama won; we won; the Nation and Planet won. The madness ends.

In the final weeks and days of this election cycle, my passions and rage inflamed by the media hype, I called for a Civil War rematch. This time I said, we would finish the job, fighting a war of total annihilation, killing every last one of our fellow citizens living in the Red States. I now freely admit that I was temporarily insane; that such a pogrom is unnecessary. Here is my modest (new) proposal.

America, Obama’s continued na├»ve insistence that we are the United Stated of America early this morning notwithstanding, is two nations occupying one geographic region of North America. We have to stop this, and we can. Obama should propose to the Congress that we hold a National Plebiscite one year from the legislation’s passage. Any State whose citizens vote, by a two-thirds majority, to secede from the Union, may do so. All of the Old Confederacy and a handful of Midwestern and Western States surely will secede. To recognize and celebrate this happy occasion, we in the Blue States will rename our nation The New United States of America.
The States that secede will have six months to settle up with the Federal Government—that is, close all military bases and transfer all military and other Federal assets, pay any debts or negotiate a payment schedule, and assist citizens fleeing their jurisdiction. Military personnel can sign a loyalty oath and relocate with the material assets, or resign from the US Military. [We can let their National Guard Units keep their small arms, and even a few tanks, trucks, helicopters, and fighter jet aircraft. Of course, no bombers, nukes, or missiles stay in any former Red State.] These former States can join together, if they choose; maybe name their new nation Jesus Land, the Christian Theocracy they crave.

The one year period before the vote and six months after it will let intelligent, educated, enlightened citizens now inexplicable living in Red States to flee those states and join us. The Red State sympathizers among us can use the same time to remove themselves from our midst and relocate to a Red State. Enlightened Corporations, or ones dependent on science and an educated population of workers, can use the same period to relocate to one of our Former Blue States where they will be welcomed.

As Fundamentalist Christian Jesus Land descends into Third World chaos and pluralistic, humanistic, agnostic and liberal The New United States of America thrives, border former States can petition to rejoin The Union. Once they vote by two-thirds majority, they will be welcomed back, after they purge their state of the idiots who opposed the vote and sign a loyalty oath.

We will not help Jesus Land as it withers and dies. We will watch, some of us gleefully. When Jesus does not save them, they will at least die knowing they were wrong about everything they thought they knew with certainty about life, values, race, and God’s will.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Handmaidens of the Privileged Few

I have been looking for something a little snappier than “lackeys of the Filthy Rich and evil greedy Corporations” to refer to the Romney/Ryan [aka “Moron-Mormon/Libertarian-Lunatic”] ticket and the rest of the Republicans [aka “the Evil Doers”] and this may be it: The Handmaidens of the Privileged Few. I think that pretty much says it all.

Voting is really not very complicated, even if you are a racist cracker or uninformed fat stupid idiot. One percent of the people in America control most of the wealth and real power. If you are reading this, you aren’t one of them. And because you aren’t, you are out of your ever loving mind if you vote for any Republican at any level of government. It doesn’t matter how much you love unwanted fetuses in the wombs of poor women, or hate and blame those women for their admittedly profoundly dysfunctional lives; it doesn’t matter how much you hate gays or lesbians, or love your imaginary friend, Jesus; or how much you love Israel [and hope they nuke Tehran and usher in Armageddon so your Jesus can come again and you can be raptured to an imaginary Heaven in the sky] or hate Muslims. What matters is that the Handmaidens of the Privileged Few do not give a sh!t about you, your children or children’s future. They don't give a damn about our once great Nation or dying culture. The Republicans are about winning; they are about money and power. Siding with them brings you neither of these. That they will screw people below you on the economic ladder more mercilessly than they will screw you is not really a reason to vote for them. That my fellow Democrats may tax you a few hundred dollars more, to try to feed poor children or give your child a student loan to go to college is not a reason to vote against them.

Obama is a Black Man. But come on; you have to admit he’s not really very Black. If he is a Socialist, he is at best not a very effective one. Four more years of Obama achieving little or nothing—a very likely outcome—are preferable to Romney and friends effectively and quickly slashing taxes on the filthy rich and eliminating environmental, safety, worker’s, women’s, and civil rights laws and regulations; unleashing the Corporations to rape and pillage more mercilessly than they already are, for obscene profits while we fend for ourselves, defenseless. You and I know my gutless Democrats in Congress will not shut Romney down the way the Republicans shut down Obama, if Romney gets elected. 

Defeat these evil people—The Handmaidens of the Privileged Few—in early November. Don’t do it for me, do it for you and your children; do it for our Nation, species, and Home World, Earth. There may still be enough time to save us all…

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama Joins the Fight

So Barack does care about something: his honor and manhood. Last night he didn't just show up, he was ready to take on Mitt "I love to destroy American Companies and Off-Shore Jobs for Profit" Romney on every issue. Every time Mitt lied, Obama smacked him, hard. Mitt tried to wrap himself in murdered American diplomats, Obama responded: "Those were my people who got killed where I sent them; I was at Dover to meet their coffins with their families. [Where the f#ck were you; counting your filthy money or mapping out the final barrage of bald face lies?]"

Barack may still not really want to be President for four more years. He may still not really care if we all die badly. He likely will be as ineffective during his second term. But at least he now realizes that his performance during the first debate was a disgrace. Even if he will not use all of the tools available to him to protect the Nation from the Clear and Present Danger the Republicans in Congress and Mitt and company represent—yes, I am talking about the Navy Seals and the Bin Laden Solution—he is willing to take Mitt on like a man.

Stay on the evil idiots' throats Mr. President; go for the kill. I want them not just defeated, I want them destroyed. I want their grandchildren to flinch at the thought of calling themselves Republicans. Let's usher in another decades long FDR-like run of Democratic rule. We need to soak the Filthy Rich and confiscate their obscene wealth with punishing inheritance and income taxes. We need to crack down on or nationalize all strategic Corporations for the Common Good. We need to nationalize the Health Care Delivery System, replaced it with a Canada-style one. We need to teach the Filthy Rich and Corporations that they can spend hundreds of billions, even trillions of dollars trying to buy the election with the help of a five-vote majority right wing Supreme Court and still be defeated by The Vote of The People.

Let's make our Founders proud. Let's put down our Big Macks, Biggie Fries, and 1,500 calorie 32-oz barrel of Coke; stop sexting and texting our forty closest "Friends with benefits"; get off the couch, turn off the riveting Reality Show or Sh#t Com we're watching, turn off the Plasma Screen TV and run to the polls and throw out every Republican at every level of government. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

At Least Joe Biden Gets It

I have set the Obama Administration on fire here and in other web venues, especially after Barack's pathetic "What the f#ck do I care" performance in the First Presidential Debate. (See especially my YouTube rant [Obama Takes a Dive in Denver].) 
I first posted the following on my second blog:
Joe Biden demonstrated in his "debate" with sparrow fart Libertarian lunatic Paul Ryan--in the only VP Debate last Thursday--how someone who understands what elections are about--the fate of our once great Nation, conducts him- or herself. This Election is not a debate between reasonable, honorable (mostly) men; it is a moral struggle between well-meaning but ineffective Flithy Rich Democrats and evil, greedy, hateful Flithy Rich Republicans. We need to not only defeat them, we need to destroy them so completely that their grandchildren are reluctant to call themselves Republicans.
Like every large Corporation, Filthy Rich person, and Republican knows, Politics is War by other means. It is not an honorable endeavor; it is brutal, dirty, unseemly, and winner-take-all. Biden gets this in a way that contented, emotionless, passionless, out of touch with reality, and insular Obama does not. If we defeat these idiots—the lackeys of the Filthy Rich and Corporations—it will be despite Barack, not because of him. Any minority, no matter how rich, any Middle or Working Class, or poor person who does not run to the polls Election Day and gleefully vote against every Republican at every level of government deserves the fate that will befall them. [Frankly, anyone, even disinherited WASPs, who is not part of the top 1 percenters, is in denial if they believe the myth that the Filthy Rich will help them survive, let alone prosper.]
Unlike Democrats who dither and endlessly discuss what to do, Republicans, when they seize power, immediately act to slash taxes on the Filthy Rich and Corporations, roll back environmental and worker safety regulations, restrict abortion rights, and mercilessly and remorselessly rape the Middle Class and Poor. If you look at the Red and Blue States Election night, you will notice that we could have solved this problem at the end of the Civil War, when Generals Grant and Sherman were systematically killing every Southern Rebel and their sympathizers and burning The South to the ground. Well-meaning and compassionate President Lincoln, naively looking to reconciliation, stopped them from finishing the job. I am ready to re-litigate that unresolved conflict and settle this once and for all. With the Presidency in our hands and two-thirds to three-quarters majorities in both houses of Congress, I am willing to tolerate the handful of idiot mid- and far-western Red States and a smattering of Republicans in the Congress or in control of a few low population States I will never set foot in. In time, Hispanic immigration and their high fertility rate will eventually fix that too.
Poverty sucks. American Capitalism makes poverty inevitable and persistent. We can fix this people, even without a second Civil War. Just f#cking Vote; not at the 95% rates that the Filthy Rich and Republicans do, I'd take just a 65% Voter turnout for the not Filthy Rich. That turnout would defeat not just Mitt (Book of Moron follower) Romney and Paul (I support the right of a drowning man to drown without help from me) Ryan, it would sweep from office almost every Republican at every level of government. Don't do it for me; do it for you, your children and grandchildren, for our Nation and the Future of our species and Home World. Do it while you still have the right to vote. Just do it!